Zitadelle Advisory Group is the premiere consultation agency for fintech companies operating in the following business sectors: investment banking, online foreign exchange (forex), and e-payments. What separates Zitadelle AG from the pack? The key word is transparency. We are not shy about sharing detailed case studies of our previous work with prospective clients as well as supplying recommendation letters and endorsements from some of the leading players in the foreign exchange and payments industry. 

Additionally, in what may appear on the surface to be a backwards approach to business, we find ourselves saying “no” far more often than “yes.” The reason behind such a philosophy is that we strive to deliver what is realistic and can service the needs of the client, not the individual gain of our firm’s balance sheet. This philosophy has served us well, especially in light of the numerous, glowing accolades Zitadelle AG has received in the relatively short time we have been in business.  

Zitadelle Advisory Group was able to establish such a positive track record by leveraging its extensive network of global contacts in order to better understand the complete ins and outs as well as ongoing changes to global regulation. Knowledge alone is only one ingredient to Zitadelle’s rapid growth. Another deciding factor in the Zitadella success story happens to be the mutually beneficial business relationships we’ve fostered over time. A partnership with Zitadelle means much more than just our advisory group as you are tapping into our vast, global network of industry professionals. 

You won’t find bargain basement prices when working with us, we make this clear from the start. However, if you wish to partner with the top consultation agency in the fintech industry, where quality, attention to detail and efficiency count, then you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to working with you more closely and to be a part of your success story.

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